Hetairoi Cricket Club
Friday July 12th, 2024

Using the Hetairoi Web Site

Logging In

To use most of the features of the website you need to be logged in. Click Login on the menu of the left of the screen and enter your username or primary email address and the password you were sent by email. If you've forgotten your password please email Justin Abel.

Signing up for Fixtures

Please take a look at the Fixture list and set your availability for each match if you know it. Indicating that you are Not Available for games is really helpful to the match managers and will mean you won't be contacted unnecessarily. You can always update your availability later if circumstances change. If you indicate you are Available for a game you will almost certainly be playing unless there were already more than 11 players signed up. In the event that a game is over-subscribed the match manager will contact you to discuss. This means it is really important that you update your availability if for any reason you can't play. Making yourself Not Available within a couple of weeks of the fixture will cause the match manager a lot of work, please do all you can to avoid this! You can see the full list of Fixtures from the Fixtures menu. To indicate your availability for this year's fixtures you must first Log in. Then choose the Player Menu option and My Matches. Change the My Status box to either Available, Possibly Available or Not Available for each fixture. You can send a note to the match manager by typing in the box. This is particularly useful if you have indicated that you are Possibly Available.


You can see a summary of the batting and bowling statistics under the Statistics menu. These are usually updated shortly after each game. Your own Hetairoi career statistics are available under the Player Menu. If you spot an error please let the match amanger know.

Weekly Email

The club sends out a weekly email on Mondays during the cricket season. This includes a list of upcoming games, results of recent games, and any news. If you would prefer not to receive this email you can click on the Unsubscribe link in the email or contact Justin Abel. Please do not mark these emails as spam as this may cause problems for other members.

Personal Data

The Hetairoi web site holds email addresses, telephone numbers, and in some cases postal addresses of members as well as match statistics. The personal deatils held are all shown in the My Account/My Account Details page which you can see after logging in. You can change this information yourself or contact Justin Abel to have any information updated or removed.

Web Site Problems or Suggestions

The web site is always a work in progress. If you spot any bugs or have any suggestions for improvements please contact Justin Abel.

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