Hetairoi Cricket Club
Monday February 26th, 2024

Fixtures 1984

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  DateOpponentsVenueTimeMatch Manager
DFri 1st JunForest Green CCForest Green CC2:00 PMChris Megone
LSat 2nd JunSt. John's College, CambridgeSt. John's College, Cambridge2:00 PMChris Megone
LSun 3rd JunHeadington CCTBC2:00 PMChris Megone
WMon 4th JunNew College, OxfordNew College, Oxford2:00 PMChris Megone
WTue 5th JunOriel College, OxfordOriel College, Oxford2:00 PMChris Megone
WWed 6th JunThe Honourable Artillery CompanyTBC2:00 PMChris Megone
WThu 7th JunThe London School of EconomicsTBC2:00 PMChris Megone
LFri 8th JunYork UniversityTBC2:00 PMChris Megone
DSat 9th JunEscrick Park CCEscrick Park CC2:00 PMChris Megone
WSun 10th JunLondesborough CCTBC2:00 PMChris Megone
LMon 11th JunAustralia HouseTBC2:00 PMChris Megone
DTue 12th JunAll Sorts CCTBC2:00 PMChris Megone
DWed 13th JunBishop TruroTBC2:00 PMChris Megone
LThu 14th JunHeadley CCHeadley CC2:00 PMChris Megone
WFri 15th JunCharlwood CCTBC2:00 PMChris Megone
WSat 16th JunLeigh CCLeigh CC2:00 PMChris Megone
DSun 17th JunMoreton CCTBC2:00 PMChris Megone
WMon 18th JunShipton-u-WychwoodShipton-u-Wychwood2:00 PMChris Megone
LTue 19th JunCoots CCTBC2:00 PMChris Megone
LWed 20th JunWendover CCWendover CC2:00 PMChris Megone
DThu 21st JunThe Old BristoliansTBC2:00 PMChris Megone
LFri 22nd JunLeiston CCTBC2:00 PMChris Megone
LSat 23rd JunSouthwold CCSouthwold CC2:00 PMChris Megone
LSun 24th JunSudbourne Hall CCSudbourne Hall CC2:00 PMChris Megone
DMon 25th JunThe Hill CCThe Hill CC2:00 PMChris Megone
DTue 26th JunOld CholmeliansTBC2:00 PMChris Megone

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